About Us

We believe that food waste is an unnecessary evil in the food and beverage industry. We also believe that Chefs deserve to focus on doing what they love – creating amazing food – not sitting in an office crunching numbers. That’s why we created SimplyPrep – to give power back to Chefs, while simultaneously reducing food waste and saving our environment.

We’ve worked in commercial kitchens and have seen the problem of food waste first hand. We guarantee that our state of the art software will curb food waste, lower your food budget, and keep Chefs creating – not calculating.

We look forward to working with you!


We're on a Mission to Change the World

We're on a Mission to Change the World


event planning

Plan out your event schedule complete with Menus and Preplists using the built-in calendar


menu & recipe management

Craft your unique menus and recipes, manage them using the chef portal


protects the environment

Easily generate precise preplists for your events and drastically reduce your material waste


supports sub-recipes

Use your existing recipes as ingredients for other recipes


front and back of house coordination

Easily communicate between front and back of house with the chef and event planning portals


centralized recipe storage

When you sign up for an account with SimplyPrep, our team can import your existing menus and recipes for you!