SimplyPrep: Using Technology to Protect Our Environment

SimplyPrep Software Debuts, Offering Food Business Management Tools for Higher Profits, Reduced Food Waste and Added Time

Designed to help chefs, caterers and event planners manage menus, generate precise preplists, lower food costs and schedule events

NEW YORK—Aug. 27, 2020—SimplyPrep web-based software, developed by Launch Site LLC, officially launched last month – providing chefs, caterers, and event planners with a toolset for managing menus, creating precise preplists, lowering food costs, scheduling events and reducing food waste. The software takes the guesswork out of calculating the number of ingredients required for events. It enables chefs to spend more time cooking and being creative instead of spending time with numbers and supply chain details.

“We’ve made it possible to instantly scale your custom recipes to serve any party size with the click of a button,” explained Andrew White, Engineering and Co-founder of the company. “This saves venues a ton of time and money while protecting our environment.” The software lets users build unique menus from the ground up, storing data about ingredients, recipes, and menu items in one easy-to-use central location online. By converting units, the software eliminates the risk over/under yielding that can result in a significant amount of food waste.

The software also simplifies the coordination between event planners and chefs, or Front and Back of House. SimplyPrep’s Chef Portal makes it possible to store all recipes while the Event Portal allows users to track things like event name, location, time, place, number of guests, and the event menu. “All of your data is in one easily accessible place,” said Andoni Del Vecchio, Operations. “Chefs and Event Planners will never have to worry about digging for content spread across Google Docs, Excel, or Word again.”

The creators of SimplyPrep have worked in commercial kitchens, so they have seen the problem of food waste firsthand. “We guarantee that our state-of-the-art software will curb food waste, lower your food budget, and keep chefs innovating, not calculating,” Kristina Ugenti noted, Co-founder and former Sous Chef. “I’ve created preplists which can take 6+ hours on a weekly basis and have seen the amount of food that gets thrown away. Together, we’ll tackle the problem of food waste and help change the world – one kitchen at a time.”

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, SimplyPrep is offering its software completely free for the remainder of 2020. “We understand how difficult these times are and want to do everything possible to help businesses recover from financial strains,” added Andoni. To learn more about SimplyPrep, or sign up for free, visit